Information on the circular mode for gamma irradiation

As many already know, we went into linear operation after the renovation of the sterilization system. This mode is largely analogous to the circulation in the old system.

For better capacity, however, it is very important for us to go into circular operation. For your clarification, the goods are, for example, guided along the existing conveyor system at four times the speed but in 4 rounds. So 4 rounds that apply a dose of 6.25 kGy to the goods can apply a total of 25 kGy total dose to the goods, as well as one round with 25 kGy in linear mode. This results in a certain flexibility, since goods with a lower total dose required can be irradiated, e.g. with 3 rounds, without having to run the system empty.

Due to the technical requirements that have to be implemented for the circular mode, we have decided not to introduce the circular mode before the second half of 2023.

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