The BBF company
Decades of experience in sterilisation and microbiology

BBF Sterilisationsservice GmbH is a young company that simultaneously builds on decades of experience in the area of sterilisation and microbiology.

BBF emerged from a company of the Rüsch Group in Kernen, whose tradition dates back to the 19th century. Founded in 1968 as the sterilisation department of Willy Rüsch AG, the gamma irradiation division was spun off to Rüsch Sterilisation Service GmbH in 2001 together with the microbiology department that had since been established. In 2005 the company was taken over as part of a management buyout and renamed BBF Sterilisationsservice GmbH. Subsequently, in addition to the business areas of radiation sterilisation and microbiology, the contract packaging sector for medical devices and a packaging testing laboratory were established as further pillars. The BBF team currently consists of 80+ employees.


Company history


August Rüsch founds the company A. Rüsch in Bad Cannstatt for the production of rubber-elastic instruments for surgery


August Rüsch moves the company to Rommelshausen


Willy Rüsch becomes sole shareholder of Rüsch AG Rommelshausen near Stuttgart


Commissioning of the radiation sterilisation plant


Takeover of Willy Rüsch AG by Teleflex Inc.


Establishment of the microbiological laboratory as a profit centre


The sterilisation and microbiology departments are spun off into Rüsch Sterilisation Service GmbH.


Sale of the GmbH as part of a management buy-out and change of name to BBF Sterilisationsservice GmbH


Expansion to include contract packaging of medical products and testing laboratory for packaging


Expansion to include the biocompatibility business unit

Our team - competent, flexible and experienced

Our employees are experts in their respective fields.

In our company we employ scientists and engineers from the fields of biology, chemistry, microbiology, molecular medicine, packaging technology, nutrition and hygiene technology.

The qualification and motivation of our employees are central components of our corporate culture and important cornerstones for achieving our defined quality goals. Our staff’s high qualification level is maintained through targeted further training measures.

Our contact persons are at your disposal for any questions you may have.

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